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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Na Aana is Des Laado - Na Aana is Des Laado on Colors - Na Aana is Des Lado TV Serial Tells about Dictatorship of Ammaji

Na Aana Is Des Laado on Colors
Na Aana is Des Laado is a TV serial which is aired on Colors TV channel from Monday to Friday at 10:30PM. Na Aana is Des Laado on Colors deals a social problem which is related to female infanticide in our country. Na Aana is Des Lado TV serial tells about dictatorship of Ammaji also who lives in Veerpur village.

Story of Na Aana is Des Laado begins with female infanticide in Veerpur village. Na Aana is Des Laado states “no women can give a female infant birth”. If a woman gives female infant birth, the baby will be killed before touching her mother heart. If anyone refuses the rules, he or she will be punished by Ammaji.

Na Aana is Des Lado TV serial covers a very traditional society where girls are treated as sin. Girl’s presence in the village of Ammaji is beyond the respect of her. She also killed her own grand-daughters.

Na Aana is Des Laado TV serial begins with the birth of a female infant by Ammaji’s Bahu, Chanda. It was the hardest situation for Chanda because her baby was to be killed. She wanted to touch her but it was not possible. So, she arranges to send a massage to Ammaji that her baby was dead during the birth. In this process, she called a maid from her mother’s house. But no one can escape from the eyes of Ammaji. Maid was captured. Ammaji knew the entire situation. Ammaji gave her last warning that she has to kill the baby. Maid goes to put the baby under the land. In this process, Siya appears on foreground. She tries to save the baby but it was dead. Siya was entered in the village with her sister and father.

Na Aana is Des Laado on Colors introduced Siya as brave girl who investigate to know the situation of Laado in the village. To know all the situation, Siya started a fight against Ammaji. It was the first step against Ammaji in the village. Ammaji also creates many difficulties for her and her family but she was continued in her goal.

Lado TV serial introduced Raghav in this process who was son of Ammaji. He acts to love Siya. He offered to marry Siya. Siya also falls in love with Raghav. When she knew about him, she refuses marriage proposal but Raghav promise to her a different approach towards Ammaji. She was very innocent. She marries him.

It was a win of Ammaji in Laado on Colors. Raghav also turns to Ammaji. He states about his act with Siya. He also tells his love about his mother. He was the most educated person but he was also with exploitation of Ammaji. He was also followers the rules of Ammaji.

Na Aana is Des Laado on Colors give a bad situation for Siya in the house of Ammaji. She had to follow all the rules and regulation which was made by Ammaji. Now, she was not able to fight against her own situation. Now, she was just like other member of the families.

Na Aana is Des Laado introduces a law of rules also for Ammaji when she goes to jail but soon she come back. She exploited her farmers and does everything whatever she wants.

In the recent episode of Na Aana is Des Laado, there is a new District Magistrate who comes as the God of exploiters. He started a fight against the rules of Ammaji. He made many cases against Ammaji. She was also very in depression.

Soon, we knew that the new District Magistrate of Lado TV serial is also a corrupted officer who demands Rs. 10 lakh to release Ammaji. She was very happy. On the spot, she gives him Rs. 10 lakh. She called him on her guest house to make him own friend.

The new DM of Laado TV serial is much corrupted than others. He demands women for a night. Ammaji arranges women for him. This situation was not bearable for Raghav also but he has to face. Will the DM demand Ammaji’s Bahu? Watch some more episodes for Na Aana is Des Laado to know about it.

Na Aana is Des Laado shows a traditional culture of a village which is inside the story. The story begins with female infanticide and turns into exploitation of Ammaji. Na Aana is Des Laado talk about dictatorship of Ammaji also.

Lado TV serial has tried to show the status of women in feudal society. However, the society is based on capitalist social structure. The remnant part of feudal society has been shown to show the status of women in Laado.

Colors TV channel has introduced Lado TV serial as the sketch of social problem. Laado is telling not only about poor women but also rich women status also in the society. Lado is just opposite to Mere Ghar Aayi Ek Nanhi Pari. Colors had introduced Mere Ghar Aayi Ek Nanhi Pari TV serial also but it was now closed. It was very positive TV serial about a girl.

Na Aana is Des Laado on Colors tells the whole corruption and exploitation of villagers by the rich. Who will fight against Ammaji in Laado TV serial?


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Saksham said...

Waahiyat serial. Maha Bakwaas. Aaamji who is evil always wins.

What are they trying to prove ? are they trying to prove that evil always wins ?

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