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Monday, October 5, 2009

Mallika-E-Kitchen - Recipe Show on COLORS LG Mallika-E-Kitchen

LG Mallika-E-Kitchen on COLORS
Mallika-E-Kitchen is a recipe TV show on COLORS which is sponsored by LG. Recently, I just watched grand finale of this season of Mallika-E-Kitchen on COLORS. Host of the show was Shruti Seth. LG Mallika-E-Kitchen was aired on Sunday at 12PM on COLORS TV.

Winner of Mallika-E-Kitchen got LG microwave on its grand finale episode. They got certificate also for the best cooking in kitchen.

Mallika-E-Kitchen is a competitive Kitchen show which introduces a competition between two ladies in cooking. Participants of Mallika-E-Kitchen should be from India and above 18 years. Contestants can come on the show by filling a recipe registration. Participants will be valid if their recipe is cooked on microwave. Mallika-E-Kitchen show is arranged by LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.

LG Mallika-E-Kitchen is a cooking contest of ground level activity. Eligible participants of the show will be live on LG Mallika-E-Kitchen TV show on COLORS TV. Judges decision will be final for the Mallika-E-Kitchen cooking TV show.

Bakhtiar and Tanaz was the judge of Mallika-E-Kitchen on COLORS on its grand finale show. On the grand finale of first season of Mallika-E-Kitchen contestants had to cook Veg Muttor Kima. One contestant had to cook on Microwave and second had to cook on Gas. They had to cook in only 20 minutes.

Mallika-E-Kitchen invites Chef Kaviraj who guides the contestants in their cooking. The show makes aware audiences about the nutrition of cooking food during the cooking.

Garima Makkar and Ruchika Hans was the winner of Mallika-E-Kitchen by the judgment of Bakhtiar and Tanaz on COLORS. They were awarded by LG microwave and a certificate of the best cook. They were unmarried women who won the prize.

Winner of Mallika-E-Kitchen

Mallika-E-Kitchen is the best cookery TV show which shows the live cooking of a recipe in Microwave and on Gas. This cooking show makes us interesting in cooking. This show tells about nutrition of foods also. Mallika-E-Kitchen is my best cooking TV show which teaches me how to cook a recipe in Microwave as well as on Gas with their nutrition values.

Registration of second season Mallika-E-Kitchen is open now. Registration for Mallika-E-Kitchen season 2, contestants have to cook a recipe on Microwave and fill a form with that recipe. Rules and Regulations are same for Mallika-E-Kitchen season 2 also. LG Mallika-E-Kitchen is another best TV show which attracts me just like Ghar Ghar Mein Fursat Ke Lamhe.