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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mahavir Hanuman - Mahavir Hanuman TV Serial - Mahavir Hanuman on COLORS about Life Sketch of Hanuman

Mahavir Hanuman on COLORS
Mahavir Hanuman is not an unknown name for India and Indian people. Mahavir Hanuman is known as the various names such as – Anjana, Maruti nandan, Anjani Putra, Pawansut, Bajrangbali, Hanuman etc. Recently, Mahavir Hanuman TV serial has taken a new form about life sketch of Hanuman.

Mahavir Hanuman on COLORS is not a new TV serial but it is new on Colors TV channel. It is the remake of the most famous Jai Hanuman TV serial of DD1. There are many animated movies, movies and short TV serial about the life sketch of Hanuman. COLORS TV channel has tried to show the TV serial in a new form where Hanuman’s birth, Hanuman serve to Ram, initial life of Hanuman etc. will be shown.

In the modern age, Hanuman is known as the deity to invoke. He is known as the eternal Chiranjeev by the blessings of Prabhu Ram. As per our assume, Hanuman is still amongst us from Treta to Dwapar.

Mahavir Hanuman TV serial gives a glimpse of Monkey God of Hindu mythology. Hanuman worship is known as the physical strength also. Hanuman is known as Sankat Mochan also. He has been worshiped among all social classes and all age groups.

Most of the people still don’t know the real life story of Hanuman and about his initial life. So, Colors has started Mahavir Hanuman TV serial to let people know about everything which are related to Hanuman and his life.

Mahavir Hanuman on COLORS has taken a new form of Hanuman. In the TV serial Hanuman is not very effective as a natural guy. He seems as an artificial guy who has done lots of makeup. Only mouth of Hanuman gives glimpses of monkey however, whole face has no expression. Mahavir Hanuman TV serial has not introduced even his tail as natural.

Mahavir Hanuman TV serial begins with the utters of – “Jai Hanuman gyan gun sagar, Jai Kapis tihun lok ujagar, Ram doot atulit bal dhama, Anjani-putra Pavan sut nama, Mahavir Vikram Bajrangi, Kumati nivar sumati Ke sangi.”

In the recent episodes of Mahavir Hanuman, he is in his initial life. He gets his education in a Gurukul with his friends. Hanuman is known as an active God from beginning of his life just like Lord Ganesh.

There is many myth and folk tale about Mahavir Hanuman. COLORS TV has tried to show all the stories as very sincerely which is related to Hanuman’s life. Recently, Mahavir Hanuman saves a Rishi’s life that was angry on Hanuman for his nature – monkey.

Mahavir Hanuman TV serial has shown the Hanuman as Lord Shiva when he killed a Rakshasa. We get inspiration, strength and humbleness from Lord Hanuman in our life. Mahavir Hanuman on Colors sketch life story of Hanuman as TV serial. Mahavir Hanuman is aired on COLORS TV channel in India on every Saturday at 8PM. This is another mythology TV serial on COLORS just like Kahaniya Vikram Aur Betaal Ki.


anshul said...

Why it is not telecasting from last 2 weeks....

sunil said...

accha serial hamesha band ho jata hai isliye mahavir hanuman nahi dikha rahe ye movies or serial dekh dekh ke main to paresan ho gaya mahavir hanuman deikha do

Antish said...

i want to buy the tv serial MAHAVIR HANUMAN. Please advise me where should i go to buy online?