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Monday, October 26, 2009

Lapataganj - Lapataganj New TV Serial - Lapataganj - Sharad Joshi Ki Kahaniyon Ka Pata on Sab TV

Lapataganj TV Serial on SAB TV
Lapataganj is a new TV serial which introduced today. Lapataganj TV serial is based on the writing collection of Sharad Joshi. Lapataganj - Sharad Joshi Ki Kahaniyon Ka Pata on Sab TV is a comedy TV serial. The TV serial is aired on Monday to Thursday at 10PM in India from 26th October, 2009. The serial is based on an imaginary town that is known as Lapataganj. English meaning of Lapataganj is a “lost place”. The word of Lapataganj has been taken from villages of India. It is used as regional word. The word is very funny. The series will revolve around the village of Lapataganj.

The full name of the serial is Lapataganj… Sharad Joshi Ki Kahaniyon Ka Pata. It means the whole serial revolves around the collections of Sharad Joshi’s stories in Lapataganj. We will also search the address of Sharad Joshi’s stories in the small town of Lapataganj.

Characters of Lapataganj TV Serial:

Mukundi Lal Gupta:

Mukundi Lal Gupta has been introduced as common man in Lapataganj TV serial. He is just a mango man (Aam Aadmi). He is about 35 years smiling person. He has habit of smiling. He is a clerk in government office. He has a wife, Indumati and a song – Chukidi Lal Gupta.


Indumati has played the character of an Indian wife in Lapataganj on Sab TV. Her husband is the God for her. Her urdu words pronunciations are not very proper. Lapataganj TV serial on Sab TV has introduced regional language also by the character of Indumati.

Kachua Prasad:

Kachua Prasad is very similar to his name in Lapataganj TV serial. He is just like a tortoise. He is called as kachua chacha also by villagers. He is very slow. He is the oldest man of Lapata Gunj village.

Mishri Bua:

Mishri Bua is the biggest problem for the village by her character in Lapataganj on Sab TV. She has supernatural emotional heart which makes her cry every time. She is the biggest tension in the village.

Biji Pandey:

Pappu Pandey is known as the Biji Pandey in Lapataganj because he shows himself always busy person. He is the student of law for last 10 years. He wears colorful clothes. He always carries sunglasses, a paan and a pocket comb.


Surili is a sweet daughter of Mishri Bua in Lapataganj - Sharad Joshi Ki Kahaniyon Ka Pata. She is beautiful, sweet and pretty but can’t express everything by her words. She has only “Khao, Jaao, Laao…Aaao” words to express everything.

Promo Song or Lapataganj Title Song:

“Bijli Ki Koi Samasya Nahi…

Tel Ki Lalten Yahi Par Kahin…

Kushion Se Bhara Hai Ye Jahan…

Koi Bhi Samasya Nahi Yaha…

Sirf Thori Pani Ki Pyaas Hai…

Ek Arshen Se Nal Bhi Udash Hai…




Lapataganj… Sharad Joshi Ki Kahaniyon Ka Pata…”

First Episode of Lapataganj TV Serial:

First episode of Lapataganj - Sharad Joshi Ki Kahaniyon Ka Pata begins with the water problem. This problem is not for today only. It is the biggest problem for the village. People are waiting for water in the village for last 10 years.

The problem of water goes to DM office. DM already has recommended the problem of Lapataganj to CM house. Pappu Pandey who always shows himself very busy is going to river to take a bath. Mishri Bua comes very quickly to take water but again she gets disappointment.

She is very talkative lady. She talks about her daughter who can’t express everything by her word. Ramesh has come with his father to see Surili. He is expected groom for her. His father demands some gallons of water in dowry. Her mother rejects the dowry proposal because she is not rich.

CM enters into Lapataganj to solve the problem of water. He needs everything in appropriate amount. He asks the population of Lapataganj. According to his secretary population of Lapataganj was 25000-30000 but he needs exact figure. CM’s PA keeps everything in exact figure so, she tells 23.5 thousand population of Lapataganj.

CM is very popular because his father and grandfather were also the leader of this region. The CM loves people. He welcomed warmly by the villagers. Villagers of Lapataganj sing a song also when CM enters into the village. He investigates very deeply everything. He investigates nalkoop of village, river of village, Kuan of village and Matka of village.

First Episode of Lapataganj TV Serial

CM spends his whole day in Lapataganj village among villagers. At last, he promises to solve the water problem in coming 10 years. He calls people to organize to “Thenga” party and vote for this party.

About Lapataganj TV Serial:

Lapataganj is the best comedy TV serials on the collections of Sharad Joshi’s stories. The TV serial has introduced a very positive comedy series of serials on Sab TV just like Baa Bahu Aur Baby. Characters and their names are also very proper in Lapataganj TV serial. The serial is introduced from small town where everyone is busy in their daily work. Comedy of Lapataganj serial comes from their characters daily life’s work and background scenes. Lapataganj on Sab TV has introduced the funniest characters in it. Everything is lost in Lapataganj – there is fan on the roof but light is not available, there is nalkoop in the village but water is not available etc. Everything is lost but people are happy of Lapataganj.

About Sharad Joshi:

We already have discussed that Lapataganj TV serial is based on the collections of Sharad Joshi’s stories. So, there is a need of an introduction about Sharad Joshi also. He is the most famous Hindi poet, writer and script writer also. Sharad Joshi was awarded the Padma Shri in 1990. He got much popularity by comedy TV serials - Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi, and Vikram Aur Vetal. Now, Vikram Aur Vetal is aired on Colors TV with a new name - Kahaniya Vikram Aur Betaal Ki. He was born on May 21, in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. He started his career writing for newspapers and radio. His short satirical articles were published in many prominent Hindi newspapers and magazines. Sharad Joshi died on 5th September, 1991. His most famous 18 books are - Parikrama, Kisi Bahane, Tilasm, Jeep par Sawar Illian, Raha Kinare Baith, Meri Shreshth Rachnaye, Dusri Satah, Yatha Sambhav, Yatra Tatra Sarvatra, Yatha Samay, Ham Bhrashtan ke Bhrasht Hamare, Pratidin in three parts. In the memory of Sharad Joshi, Madhya Pradesh Government has instituted an award – “Sharad Joshi Samman”. The award amount is Rs. 51000 and citation for outstanding writings. Lapataganj... Sharad Joshi Ki Kahaniyon Ka Pata TV serial on Sab TV is also inspired by Sharad Joshi's stories.


manoj said...

Dear Sab TV,

I would like to congratulate the actor who plays Biji Pandey. The kind of role he is playing is fabulous. He is so natural on his act. He is unmatchable.out of my busy schedule I am watching the programme because of his role play. God bless him an I belive that he will became a super star with in short span of time.

manoj panda

DIN said...

Dear Sub TV,
i would like thanks to evey actor spacailly to Indumati she look like natural villager and her acting.
Some Punch Line like:
1. ye ji o ji
2. papa kasam
3. kabhi-kabhi
and so many.
it is one of the favourite Serial.
All the Best!
Dinesh Gupta

yogendra said...

papa kasam and surli word i like her and kabi kabi nahi was very good word always are very good sirel and my no 1

shaishav-soni said...

I would like to thank SAB Tv for"laataganj".It's top serial since last many years.characters are very natural and original in it.Biji-pandey's role is really good.

Arisha said...

lapataganj is real stress buster....all the characters are superb...

sneha said...

Lapataganj is simply awesome n different frm other serials on t.v...all the actors in Lapataganj r doin fabulous job...Hats off to them....

Shivam said...

dear sab tv ur shows r really awsome it is totally stress bruster and the speciality is ur comedy is not vulgar nd it is a family entertainment channel the way u rise the problem of the country through comedy it is appreciable my fav character on sab tv is mama of lapataganj

Ajit said...

I love Biji pandey's character very mush. He is teh soul of "LAPATAGANJ"

When he says PAPA "KASAM" it seems to be very good and funny.
The all the events and problem goes between Mishri mausi nad Biji Pandey is too funny.
Biji and Surili having a very good Chemistry.

Best of Luck
Biji Pandey!!

rohit said...

dear sab tv,thank you so much for giving us a beautiful serial like lapataganj,taarak mehta ka ooltha chashma,sajan re jhooth mat bolo & all that,me & my family have enjy everydays for wathcng this all serial,i too much lapataganj specially biji pandey(papa kasam,abbey guddu) chotu (arre ye to pita ji kiya karte the),

thank you
rohit sharma

Tarun said...

Its simply awesum serial yaaar..i juz luv to see it..vry comedy in it.. :)

prashant said...

All charector in this serial r very comady & this serial is also encoregment of all indian pepole


sibbu said...

my faviorite show is lapatagang my favorite characters in lapataganj is biji pandey and mama... its a very comedy show mann