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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hamari Devrani - Hamari Devrani TV Serial - Hamari Devrani on Star Plus is a Family Drama

Hamari Devrani
Hamari Devrani is a TV serial which talks about a joint family. Hamari Devrani TV Serial is aired on Star Plus from Monday to Friday at 1:30PM. Hamari Devrani on Star Plus is a family Drama which revolves around the six sisters-in-law.

Characters of Hamari Devrani:

Bhakti Mohan Nanavati:

Krishna Gokani has played the character of Bhakti Mohan Nanavati in Hamari Devrani. She is main female protagonist in the TV serial. She is young, beautiful, innocent and worshiper of the lord Krishna. She lives with her grandmother in a village. She has been refused by her father because her mother was died giving birth to her. She always considered as unlucky. Laddoo Gopal (Lord Krishna) is gifted by her mother that always remains beside her. Bhakti has shown her character as dutiful and obedient wife in Hamari Devrani TV serial.

Mohan Nanavati:

Madhav Deochake has acted as Mohan Nanavati in Hamari Devrani on Star Plus. He is leading male protagonist in Hamari Devrani TV serial. He is married to Bhakti. He is the youngest son of Nanavati family. He is loved by his sisters-in-law. He is also loving son, caring brother and dutiful husband to Bhakti. He has a very simple nature in Hamari Devrani.

Jayant Nanavati:

Sameer Rajda is in the character of Jayant Nanavati in Hamari Devrani. He is also very simple and listens to his wife. He is married to Manjula.

Manjula Jayant Nanavati:

Urvashi Upadhya is the Manjula Jayant Nanavati in Hamari Devrani TV serial. She belongs to a rich family. So, she is proud woman also. She is self centered woman also who only cares her children. She wants to control her Devrani. She wants to control Mohan and Bhakti also but didn’t get succeed. She is an evil character of Hamari Devrani. She always wants to convince her Devrani against Bhakti and mother-in-low.

Sannat Nanavati:

Kaushal Shah has acted as Sannat Nanavati in Hamari Devrani. Parul is the wife of Sanat. He is also same from his brothers.

Parul Sannat Nanavati:

Kalyani Thakkar is the Parul Sannat Nanavati in Hamari Devrani TV serial. She is second Bahu in Nanavati family from the top. She is very cheerful. She is lazy and loves to eat. She always wants to follow the step of Manjula.

Mukesh Nanvati:

He is the husband of Alpa in Hamari Devrani on Star Plus. Ajay Parekh has acted as Mukesh Nanvati. He is also a very calm guy who loves his wife.

Alpa Mukesh Nanavati:

Bhumi Shukla has acted the character of Alpa Mukesh Nanavati in Hamari Devrani. She is the third Bahu of the Nanvati family from the top. She is the wife of Mukesh. She is very vocal and dominating also.

Ketan Nanavati:

Mihir Rajda is in the character of Ketan Nanavati in Hamari Devrani TV serial. He is Jalpa’s husband. He has comic character also.

Jalpa Ketan Nanavati:

Jalpa is the wife of Ketan in Hamari Devrani on Star Plus. Manish Purohit has acted as Jalpa Ketan Nanavati. She is the fourth Bahu in Nanavati family from the top. She is controlled by her sister, Alpa. She has a unique character who can’t keep secrets to herself.

Gautam Nanavati:

Manas Shah has played the character of Gautam Nanavati in Hamari Devrani. He is the husband of Rajeshwari Gautam Nanavati.

Rajeshwari Gautam Nanavati:

Neelam Panchal is the Rajeshwari Gautam Nanavati in Hamari Devrani TV serial. She belongs to different culture so; she is not comfortable in the family. She has greedy character who always wants a great enjoyment. She is the equation of Jalpa and Badi Jethani to execute mastermind plan.

Devki Nanawati:

Zankhana Sheth has played the character of Devki Nanawati in Hamari Devrani on Star Plus. She is the head of Nanawati family. She loved by all family. She is widow. She is very calm and act as very mature. She is just like a head of family.

All the characters of Hamari Devrani are very suitable in their role. All have a unique characters and act in their independent role. Above are the main characters of Hamari Devrani TV serial on Star Plus. Hamari Devrani casts have proved their importance by the TV serial.

Story of Hamari Devrani:

Story of Hamari Devrani begins with a small village of Gujrat. A girl is born in Hasmukh family but just at the time of her birth her mother dies. Now, the infant is blamed as bad girl. Hasmukh leaves the village. Now, the girl is left to her own destiny. At the time, the infant is raised by her grandmother, Kashi.

There is another family in Hamari Devrani TV serial in Ahmedabad. This is Nanavati family. Devki is the head of the family. She has six sons - Jayant, Sanat, Mukesh, Ketan, Gautam and Mohan. All are married except Mohan.

Mohan is loved by all Bhabhis - Manjula, Parul, Alpa, Jalpa and Rajeshwari. He is obedient, honest and loving guy. Sisters-in-law want to their control over him. They have a certain agenda about his life. They get him married to Bhakti, a simple girl. They have decided to ruled over her and keep under their influence.

Hamari Devrani on Star Plus has introduced another aspect of life also. The Jethanis have locker in a certain bank, but the secret has some connection with Mohan. They want to defame and separate Bhakti and Mohan.

In this situation, Mohan transfers all money to Devki. All Jethanis have to take revenge now so, they treat Mohan as cheater. Eventually, the family misunderstands and asks to leave the house. Now, Mohan and Bhakti are out from the house and live a basic life just like Dhani and Amber of Sajan Ghar Jana Hai. This time, Devki leaves the house for Canada. The crisis comes in the life of Bhakti and Mohan. Eventually, Gopal and Balram help Mohan to set-up their papad business.

Again, in the Hamari Devrani TV serial, Jethanis try to destroy their Papad business but didn’t get succeed. In this process, Manjula gains control over the family affairs and Devki eliminates.

A destiny turns again to Mohan and Bhakti in Hamari Devrani when Devki decides to hand over the responsibilities to Manjula. Jalpa and Rajeshwari plan against Manjula Jethani and get succeed just like Ashish of Tujh Sang Preet Lagai Sajna. Now, Mohan and Bhakti come back at Nanavati House. Eventually, Devki hands over the keys of the house to Bhakti.

The biggest destiny takes a place in the life of Bhakti when Devki hands over the rights of the family business and property in Hamari Devrani on Star Plus. Parul, Alpa and Jalpa welcome Devki’s decision but Manjula and Rajeshwari are not satisfied. Now, Bhakti has planned weekly budget. Manjula and Rajeshwari are always strongly opposed to Bhakti for weekly budget and demand substantial amount of money to run their own kitchen.

In this situation, Bhakti has to fulfill their demand. She has to handle the family with a responsibility. Will she be able to keep together her Jethanis?

Recent Episodes of Hamari Devrani:

Manjula is trying to separate everyone and get succeed. Now, everyone is separated in the house. She always tries to defame Bhakti till now. Everyone survive alone in their house but no one gets succeed. Each husband is suffered from their wives in recent episodes of Hamari Devrani TV serial.

Manjula has made a new plan to sell the Nanavati house. She talks to a property dealer. Now, she has to handover all the property papers to that property dealer. So, she has made a duplicate key of safe.

Today, Manjula has gotten succeed to take the papers of the Nanavati house. Now, she has to take over the papers to property dealer. Will she get succeed to sell Nanavati house? To know, watch some more episodes of Hamari Devrani.

Hamari Devrani Title Song:

“Uske Aanchal Me Khushiyon Ka Dera Hai…

Uske Aanchal Me Khushiyon Ka Dera Hai…

Jisko Chhoo Le Wo…

Jisko Chhoo Le Wo… Pal Bhi Savera Hai…

Jis Ke Daman Mein Itne Katein Hai…

Phool Khushiyon Ke Phir Bhi Baatein Hai…

Sare Rishte Se… Wo Anjani Hai…

Uski Aankhon Me…

Uski Aankhon Me… Ganga Ka Pani Hai…

Uske Jivan Me Toofan Hai…Aandhi Hai…

Dor Sanson Ki Kishna Se Bandhi Hai…

Kaya Wo Kehti Hai… Kya Wo Kehti Hai…

Sab Samajhte Hai…Wo Hai Radha Rani…

Hamari Devrani…

Hamari Devrani…

Hamari Devrani…

Hamari Devrani…”

About Hamari Devrani:

Hamari Devrani is created and produced by Shobhana Desai Pvt. Ltd on Star Plus which already has gotten good popularity from “Shagun”. Hamari Devrani TV serial is directed by Pawan Sahu and Vikram Labhe. Star Plus has aired more 300 hundreds episodes of Hamari Devrani till now. The TV serial is a family drama which is related to a joint family where 6 Jethanis are introduced. Hamaari Devrani TV serial on Star Plus has introduced a very perfect topic which is related to Indian joint family house just like Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. This is the best example of a joint family where how all Jethanis act together. Fight, love, comedy, drama and importance of husband have been focused in Hamari Devrani.