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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dance Premier League – DPL - League of Dance Reality Show by Rin Presents Dance Premier League on Sony Entertainment Television

Dance Premier League
Dance Premier League which is popularly known as DPL is a league of Dance reality Show that is presented by Rin on Sony Entertainment Television. Dance Premier League has taken a very new concept in the dance competition which is much better from other reality TV Shows such as - Nach Baliye 4, Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena or American Idol singing Show.

Dance Premier League or DPL is purely based on the dance competition. The Show is sponsored by Rin so; the Show name is Rin Presents Dance Premier League. DPL is aired on Sony TV every Friday and Saturday at 8:30PM in India.

DPL has introduced a very unique format in dancing competition where North, East, West, South, Central and NRI teams will play a competition on national platform, Dance Premier League for their regional pride.

DPL on Sony TV has introduced 6 teams. Each team has 8 contestants. Total participants of Dance Premier League are 48. DPL had held auditions across 15 cities in India.

Format of Dance Premier League:

DPL team has been divided into 6 zones.

There are 3 rounds in each match. In each round match solo, duo and group will be performed. Each round will get a total score. Tally of 3 rounds score will decide winner of the team.

Winner team of DPL will get 2 points in every episode.

At the end of the DPL, top 4 teams will participate in Semi-finals. Similarly, top 2 teams will fight for Rin Dance Premier League Champion in the finals.

DPL will introduce each team to play against other.

Scoring of DPL is very similar to cricket runs such as duck, single, boundary, sixer etc.

Scoring of DPL team will be awarded by the choreographers whose teams have not performed on the same day.

Dance Premier League on Sony TV was started from 9th October, 2009 with the auditions.

Team Name of Dance Premier League on Sony TV:

North Zone as Uttar Ke Puttar (UKP)

South Zone as Southern Sizzlers (SS)

East Zone as Eastern Tigers (ET)

West Zone as Western Yodhas (WY)

Central Zone as Central Surmas (CS)

NRI team as Desi Pardesi (DP)

Logos of DPL Teams:

Logos of DPL Teams
Logos of Dance Premier League Teams

Participants of DPL Teams on Sony TV:

Sadhika Sharma, Varun Mishra, Aadi Kumar, Chirag Agarwa, Harish Chaudar, Dinesh Mudiyar, Annie and Sahaj Singh are the participants of Uttar Ke Puttar.

Madan Kumar AV, Sneha, Vijay Babu, Kishen B.A, Bindu Prasarna, Sohan Giri, Anusha and Taraq Xavier are the contestants of Southern Sizzlers.

Deepu Singh, Bhimbahadur Gurumg, Pratap Singh, Vishay Singh, Monalisa Mandal, Antareepa Bora, Sharmi Bose and Binaisha Deshmukh are the participants of Eastern Tigers.

Puneet Cheema, Vishal Sarvaiya, Karthik Mohan, Prashant Mohan, Rahul Khot, Santosh Kapdi, Shashank Malli and Karishma are the participants of Western Yodhas.

Rohit Thakur, Prachi Bhosle, Upasana Madan, Ankita Rana, Tesjas Patil, Anoop Bhargav, Neharika Soni and Sanket Pathak are the participants of Central Surmas.

Priyanka Patel, Ruel Dausan Varandani, Kalpita Desai, Serena Unadkat, Alisha Pranjivan, Parth Dani and Karen Pereira are the contestants of Desi Pardesi.

Jerseys of DPL Teams:

Jerseys of DPL Teams
Jerseys of Dance Premier League Teams

Choreographer of DPL Teams on Sony TV:

Pappu and Maalu of Uttar Ke Puttar

Nagendra Prasad of Southern Sizzlers

Uma and Gaiti of Eastern Tigers

Harshal and Vitthal of Western Yodhas

Mini of Central Surmas

Howard Rosemeyer of Desi Pardesi

Official Supporters of DPL Teams on Sony TV:

Salman Khan of North Zone

Prabhu Deva of South Zone

Bipasha Basu of East Zone

Kareena Kapoor of West Zone

Himesh Reshammiya of Central Zone

Sohail Khan of NRI team

Hosts of DPL:

Dance Premier League has introduced the most famous two hosts – Hussain and Sara Khan.

Team Slogans of DPL:

Doodh Makhan Khayenge, Chakke Chudake Jayenge slogan of Uttar Ke Puttar.

Rasam Ki Kasam, Jala Denge Hum slogan of Southern Sizzlers.

Apna Jalwa Hai, Baki Sab Halwa Hai slogan of Eastern Tigers.

Hamari Thaath Hai, Baki Sabki Waat Hai slogan of Western Yodhas.

Hum Hain Surma, Bana Denge Sabka Churma slogan of Central Surmas.

Hum Pardesi, Kar Denge Sabki Aisi Taisi slogan of Desi Pardesi.

Matches of Dance Premier League:

Uttar Ke Puttar Vs Southern Sizzlers on 23rd October, 2009.

Eastern Tigers Vs Western Yodhas on 24th October, 2009.

Central Surmas Vs Desi Pardesi on 30th October, 2009.

Uttar Ke Puttar Vs Eastern Tigers on 31st October, 2009.

Southern Sizzlers Vs Central Surmas on 6th November, 2009.

Western Yodhas Vs Desi Pardesi on 7th November, 2009.

Uttar Ke Puttar Vs Central Surmas on 13th November, 2009.

Eastern Tigers Vs Desi Pardesi on 14th November, 2009.

Southern Sizzlers Vs Western Yodhas on 20th November, 2009.

Uttar Ke Puttar Vs Desi Pardesi on 21st November, 2009.

Southern Sizzlers Vs Eastern Tigers on 27th November, 2009.

Western Yodhas Vs Central Surmas on 28th November, 2009.

Southern Sizzlers Vs Desi Pardesi on 4th December, 2009.

Uttar Ke Puttar Vs Western Yodhas on 5th December, 2009.

Eastern Tigers Vs Central Surmas on 11th December, 2009.

1st Semi Final on 12th December, 2009.

2nd Semi Final on 18th December, 2009.

Match for 3rd position on 19th December, 2009.

Face off between Choreographers on 25th December, 2009.

Final of DPL on 26th December, 2009.

Awards and Prizes during the Series of DPL:

Man of the Match will be declared after the end of the each episode of Dance Premier League to the best performer.

Most Stylish Player will be declared in the end of the each episode of Dance Premier League.

Maximum 6’s will be declared after the end of series of Dance Premier League to the players who earned maximum 6’s.

Maximum 4’s will be declared after the end of the DPL series to the players who earned maximum 4’s.

Dance Premier League has introduced Rani Mukherjee as DPL Ki Rani. She chooses man of the match and award runs for the performances.

Shamak Davar has been introduced as the match umpire by Dance Premier League TV Show to question or raise an objection to the points awarded by choreographers.

Summary of Recent Matches of DPL:

Till now, Dance Premier League has introduced 4 matches - Uttar Ke Puttar Vs Southern Sizzlers, Eastern Tigers Vs Western Yodhas, Central Surmas Vs Desi Pardesi and Uttar Ke Puttar Vs Eastern Tigers. Bindu from Southern Sizzlers, Vishal from Western Yodhas, Tejas from Central Surmas and Bhimbahadur & Binaisha from Eastern Tigers have been awarded by Man of the Match. Uttar Ke Puttar, Western Yodhas, Central Surmas and Eastern Tigers are the winner in these matches.

About Dance Premier League:

Dance Premier League or DPL on Sony Entertainment Television has introduced a unique format in Dance competition which has been taken from sports such as cricket and football. Dance Premier League is a reality TV Show dance competition where team is divided into zones. Contents of each team have been selected by auditions across the country.

Each team of Dance Premier League has a unique logo, brand ambassador, choreographer, slogans, merchandise and T-shirts. Auditions of DPL had been organized by Multi Screen Media Private Limited (“MSM”). A very competitive sprit has been introduced for the DPL - "Becoz, it's Izzat Ka Sawal Hai".

Dance Premier League on Sony TV is the biggest dance reality competitive Show on national level. DPL has brought a new age in dancing. It is a league of dance which is presented by Rin on Sony Entertainment Television as Dance Premier League.

Till now, Dance Premier League has attracted millions of audiences due to the best performances in dance. Dance Premier League Show is very competitive TV Show in the competition of Bigg Boss 3, Lux Perfect Bride, Pati Patni Aur Woh and Tere Mere Beach Mein.

Dance Premier League introduces the biggest dancing talent with the comment of “thaat-baat”, “aan-baan aur shaan” and “Izzat Ka Sawal”. DPL introduces the biggest talent in the battle of dance on Sony TV.


selvi said...

DPL is the best dance show as compared to the others that has been aired recently..
But the way the runs given to the teams seems to be partial sometimes... os else why does a good dance gets 6 runs from choreographers and a best dance just gets 4 runs which happened with southern sizzlers each time...

As a dance lover I seriously feel that souhern sizzlers are being side lined as there wont be much supporters for them here...

please be fair in terms of runs and even give them a chance to prove themselves....

Surely ... Rasam ki kasam.. Jala denge hum....

Best of Luck .. Southern Sizzlers... We are here to support you...

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amar said...

helo sir I am amar kumar

from modinagar ghaziabad (U.P)

sir mai singing karna chata hu

or sub bolte hia ki mai thik gata hu [plz aap mujhe aek moka dege kya

or plz aap ya bata ki saregamapa k next odesun kaha par ho rahe hai