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Friday, October 9, 2009

Balika Vadhu - Balika Vadhu TV Serial - Balika Vadhu Kacchi Umar Ke Pakke Rishte on Colors about Child Bride

Balika Vadhu on Colors
Balika Vadhu is a TV serial which is aired on Colors TV channel in India from Monday to Friday at 8PM. Balika Vadhu TV serial is the most popular on Colors. Balika Vadhu Kacchi Umar Ke Pakke Rishte on Colors is based on the theme of child bride.

Balika Vadhu TV serial was the most debatable in Indian society even in the Parliament also. The TV serial raised a question on child labour also. Many film stars participated on the set of the TV serial also such as Abhishek Bachchan and Farida Jalal. Balika Vadhu is based on social issues of child bride such as Na Ana Is Des Laado and Bairi Piya.

I had also raised a question on the existence of Balika Vadhu TV serial. Is Balika Vadhu TV serial necessary in our society? Is any importance of the serial in our society? The TV serial spreads a negative approach and thoughts in our society rather than a positive society.

Balika Vadhu on Colors begins with the journey of child bride Anandi. Jagdish and Anandi are husband and wife in their initial stage of life. Both are kids now. Their tradition makes them husband and wife.

Balika Vadhu TV serial is based on the life story of Anandi and Jagdish. The serial emphasizes the tradition, customs and culture of rural Rajasthan. Whole serial is talking about child marriage in the content of the Balika Vadhu story.

Balika Vadhu on Colors covers an accident of Anandi’s village where a girl suicide due to her marriage. She was married in the same age of Anandi. She was also belonged to a poor family. Kalyani Devi, who is called as Dadi Sa and Maa Sa choose Anandi for her grand-daughter, Jagdish.

Anandi comes to Dadi Sa after her marriage with Jagdish. It was the age of playing, making friends, studying for her but due to tradition she takes a responsibilities of marriage. Initially, she is exploited by her grand-mother. She was excited about her study. In this work, Jagdish helps her. Slowly, Anandi comes to know the rules and regulations of Dadi Sa. She adopts that tradition which was in the house of Kalyani Devi.

On the other hand, Vasant and Bhairav are two sons of Kalyani Devi. Bhairav has two kids, Jagdish and Suguna. Vasant’s first wife is dead. Now, he is widower without kids. Kalyani Devi chooses another girl, Gehna for Vasant as second wife. She was in the same age of Sugna, Vasant’s nephew. Vasant’s first wife was dead during the pregnancy.

Gehna came to know the entire situation. She was not ready to be a mother in her age. On the other hand, Kalyani Devi wants to see her as mother as soon as possible. She fights for her situation but all failed. Slowly, she became just like Anandi in the house of Kalyani Devi.

Balika Vadhu on Colors introduces about Suguna fights also. She was married to Pratap in her childhood. Now, the time came for her Bidai. She falls in love with Pratap before her Bidai. They meet each other. Pratap gives her a mobile also. She attach very deeply with Pratap. This time a bad situation takes place in Sugna life. Pratap was killed by Dacaits.

This was the turning point of Balika Vadhu. Her all dreams go in vain. She is helpless. She is upset. She has no life. She just wanted to leave her life also. After this situation, she was bound to live as widow for a year according to the rule of her grandmother. Her father fights against the evil tradition but he didn’t get succeed in this process.

Balika Vadhu TV serial shows a very bad life of widow women in our society. Sugna goes to live in a house that was not clean, there was no bed and it was very dark. Sugna had not to touch anything which is used by her Dadi Sa or other families. She had not to go in any good occasion. She was not allowed to make-up or eats delicious food. She had to cook own food. She had been living in a jail. She had to read only Ramayana and Gita.

This time Balika Vadhu on Colors introduces Badi Jiji (Farida Jalal). She was elder sister of Kalyani Devi. Badi Jiji was against the inhuman tradition and custom. She was very upset to see the situation of Sugna. She fights for Sugna’s better life. She gets success in her fight.

Now, Sugna was allowed to go in school where she meets Shayam. He impresses her with his goodness. Both love each other. Sugna is pregnant in spite of, Shyam accepts her as her wife. He fights with his father and family.

Balika Vadhu TV serial has shown a generation gap also. There is a difference between tradition and new culture. Old tradition of Kalyani Devi many times breaks in Balika Vadhu.

Balika Vadhu teaches a lesion of life and old customs. Tradition of Kalyani Devi is very strong in Balika Vadhu on Colors.

Balika Vadhu has many characters in their perfect role. In the recent episode of Balika Vadhu on Colors, Shayam’s family has come to accept Sugna. Balika Vadhu TV serial introduces very emotional scenes of Sugna’s Bidai. Madan Singh has to fulfill a very conscious goal which is against Kalyani Devi.

Balika Vadhu on Colors has introduced many aspect of life. Balika Vadhu TV serial introduced love, tradition, culture, happiness, sorrow and kids marriage very effectively. The TV serial never leave its main theme – child bride.

A great scene of love between Sugna and Pratap was shown by Balika Vadhu Kacchi Umar Ke Pakke Rishte on Colors. Very hard customs and tradition rules of Kalyani Devi came in light by Balika Vadhu. A generation gap between Madan Singh and his son, Shyam is running currently in Balika Vadhu TV serial.