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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bairi Piya - Bairi Piya TV Serial - Bairi Piya on Colors is based on the Life of Farmers

Bairi Piya on Colors
Bairi Piya is a TV serial which is aired on Colors TV channel in India from Monday to Friday at 8:30PM. Bairi Piya TV serial is based on background of farmer suicides in Maharashtra. Bairi Piya on Colors introduces life story of farmers of Maharashtra and their exploitation.

Bairi Piya is a story about Amoli who is 20 years old girl. She is very beautiful and cheerful girl of farmer Tukaram Kamble. He belongs to Vidarbha region in the interiors of Maharashtra.

Bairi Piya TV serial has introduced, Amoli as a very positive girl. She knows everything about her father’s economic condition. She is very obvious about her family’s economic condition. Her father economic is very similar to other farmers of the taluka.

Bairi Piya on Colors has introduced, Amoli as very mature girl beyond her age. She has shown her brave face in the serial who struggle of daily survival. Amoli is favourite not only in her family but also in her village. She shares bond of love and friendship with all. She covers her sister as a guardian.

Amoli faces grim reality of mortgaged of her best friend Kaumudi in Bairi Piya TV serial. Amoli is socked to know that her father is also debt ridden like other farmers in the Taluka. Thakur of the village wants to exchange Amoli with the money for her father’s debt. She faces very difficult situation but she raised her moral. Amoli is the voice of thousands of helpless women who are exploited by Thakur or rich men during the tough times.

Bairi Piya has introduced, Tani as the youngest daughter of Tukaram Kamble. She is about 10 years old. She is very curious by her nature to know everything.

Bairi Piya on Colors has introduced Tukaram Kamble as the father of Amoli. He is just like the thousands of farmer of our country. He toils from dawn to dusk just like other farmers of our country.

Bairi Piya TV serial begins with destroy of the entire crop of Amoli and her villagers before the festival of “Bail Pola”. Bairi Piya is very similar to Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo TV serial.

In the recent episode of Bairi Piya, Amoli goes to Thakur house to help for her land that is captured by others. She comes from backdoor because she was not allowed to enter from front door. Thakur promises to help her in the condition of her virginity. He demands herself in the condition of her land. Amoli request her for any other things but he refuses. At last, Amoli tells her about her moral and respect. She was not ready to sacrifice herself in the condition of her land.

Her imagine breaks. Now, she has to think about her land. How she will get back her land, watch some episodes of Bairi Piya TV serial on Colors. Will she give herself to Thakur to get back her land?

Bairi Piya TV serial gives a light on social evils and exploitation of rich men. Bairi Piya is a struggle against exploitation. The serial reveals the truth of keepers of customs and tradition which is broken by them. Bairi Piya is the sketch of poverty which gives a glimpse of thousands of farmer’s life.

Bairi Piya on Colors reveals the subjugation of woman of the interior parts of Maharashtra also. Ekta Kapoor says about the Bairi Piya, “This show is based on the real India and the real problems it faces. The idea of Bairi Piya was to highlight the plight of the ‘kisaan’ who after 60 years of the country’s independence is still facing immense problems. This has become the basis and background of the show where the ambience is set around a poor farmer’s family, which is economically and financially deprived.” So, the TV serial is dedicated to “kisaan” (farmer) life. This will show the poor farmer’s family life who are still exploited after 60 years of the country’s independence.

Bairi Piya is very different TV serial of Balaji Telefilms production. The TV serial sketch the life story of farmer very well but it shows the false scene of Thakur. Bairi Piya TV serial is based on feudal social structure.

Story of the Bairi Piya is very old which deals about feudal exploitation. There is surly women exploitation, poor exploitation but they are not doing suicide by the exploitation of feudal social structure. Farmer is committing suicide due to capitalist exploitation. As per the goal of Bairi Piya TV serial it is not the real face which deals the suicide case of farmers in interior village of Maharashtra. In spite of, the TV serial is able to sketch the real life of poor families of independent India.

Bairi Piya on COLORS is the perfect TV serial which shows the exploitation and real life of poor family of Indian farmer. These poor families of farmers are exploited by capital societies which are in the base. They have been exploited by capital and committed suicide.

Bairi Piya will introduce a love story also which will be very different from other TV serial. There is nothing clear evidence on the name of TV serial - Bairi Piya. Why it is Bairi Piya? I think Colors will introduce a Piya for Amoli who will be Bairi. That is why; the serial name is Bairi Piya.


magdg_s21 said...

i like the love and passion of thakur for amoli. although thakur is very evil , he has love s amoli also too much that is why he is ready to face the wrath of his mother, gets beaten too but he does not give up his passion for amoli.

I dont know whether writer will make thakur a good man or a lecher !! i hope writer makes thakur realize that if he wants amoli for him, he should first win her heart by doing things that generate respect for him in amoli's mind and not by force or oppression .

god bless all writers of all serials ofc colors. the channel started with big big socila slogans to catch sentiments of the public, but it seems all serials only show how an evil can do anyhting , destroy lives of good people and go on living happily. !!!! none of the serials show what should is bad and how it can be rejected or overcome bad elements. !!! what a shame !!! colors have now lost all its shine . it only represents farce and has become a training ground of how to be successful by becoming evil. !!!!

Sindhu said...

I truly like this offering from Colors. I mean I am not a huge fan of daily soaps. But I liked this one simply because the characters looked very real and so natural.
I mean you can truly identify the characters depicted here as they look so real. I mean Supriya Kumari has essayed her role of Amoli to perfection she looks very real and beautiful. Sharad as usual looks great and has given a superb performance as the evil thakur. Over all a gr8 watch and one serial you look forward to watching. Thanks a lot to colors the channel and also a good one coming from Balaji Telefilms.



Theresa said...

have been watching this TV series on Colors and find the characters well defined.

But here are some suggestions to make the series all the more interesting:

Show the "Thakor" also doing some kind stuff towards Amoli.
- like remembering a sari she must have worn on some occasions
- getting mad at some servants and getting them to help her when she looks tired from doing work
- remembering that she like some kind of mithai and bringing it
- various such incidents can be woven in. Build up his obsession towards her some more.

Amoli should also be showen doing her job towards the "malik & malikin'
-like Thakor falls ill and she knows exactly the way he likes his coffee.

This will really make the story much more fascinating. Just showing him doing bad things
towards Amoli husband makes the story too predictable and boring.

Make the story such that more drama can be woven in.

Theresa said...

The story has come at a turn where Amoli returns to the haveli with her husband after a failed suicide attempt. The story will now be stuck at the two of them Radhe & Amoli trying to straighten up Thakur.

That will be very boring. The love triangle has now to be made more subtle and much more interesting.

How about Amoli is pregnant and Thakur uncharacteristically kind and considerate towrads her.

Later on it turns out that unbeknown to any body he has bribed a doctor to do artificial insemination on her. Since all other ways of joining her life and his fails.

Now she becomes a mother.
Now Thakur is torn in doubt weather this is his kid or Radhe.

Better still let her have twins one son and a daughter. One looks like Radhe & the other like Thakur.
The story can take off from there.

Theresa said...

This is the only TV serial I watch.

Kudos to Sharad for his acting of the Thakur. His swagger and dialogue delivery is very very good.

But for his excellent acting the story would not have been convincing at all.
The obsession and passion is very well communicated. Excellent job!
The story line is very good, in fact excellent. A wisp of a poor servant girl stands up against the full onslaught of the towering macho Thakur. Add to the power struggle sexual overtones and the encounters between the two really sizzle.

BUT PLEASE dont bring in that Shobana character. Very boring and tiresome.

Also don't make it into a holy sermon on the sanctity of marriage.
Let the chemistry sizzle between the Thakur and Amoli.

The way Thakur's face lights up when he sees Amoli after she return to the haveli after her suicide attempt was too good.

It shows that the Thakur can show tenderness without it taking away from his power jaunt.

Amoli also acts very well and a very good foil to Thakur.

So don't tame it. Let us see the eternal power dance of man and woman.

Sindhu said...

I totally agree with the comment of Theresa I guess we do not need to tame it. Let us see the eternal power dance of man and woman. I guess the serial depends on the chemistry of Thakur and Amoli and yeah we can go blah blah about moral values and so on and so forth but I guess in the real world we are all humans with feelings and weaknesses. Now since Amoli's character is getting closer to Radhey and also Radhey seems to be warming up to Amoli. It looks all too predictable and seems like a regular story of good against evil. We need a change and something more bold. I hope to see Thakur and Amoli's character getting closer as they are the ones who truly rock the show..

Sharad is a brilliant actor and Supriya has done a fine job as Amoli the village girl who stands up and has the guts to fight the evil Thakur. We need to see them together otherwise there will be no fun to watch this serial.

Theresa said...

Bairi Piya team take a bow.
Yesterdays (wed) show was powerful. Dialogues were very good and Sharad's acting great. His passion for her seems as if it will singe the TV screen. Her response to him in the end when he exposes his love was a little weak. But on the whole powerpacked. A large part of the credit also goes to the dialogue writer. Remember that sentence ' kante ke takar de rahi ho'. wow.

Finally a bold serial that makes bollywood seem jaded and doing the same old thing ad nauseum.

But don't lose the plot. Don't make it goody two shoes of Amoli & Radhe. yawn..too boring.
Make it bold.

Sindhu said...

Wow finally the cat is out of the bag. Now the Thakur can stop beating about the bush when it comes to his feelings for Amoli.
But where is all these revelations headed to. Will this be the end of Thakur/Amoli saga or do we see a twist of sorts which will get them together eventually.
I guess whatever has happened is good because the story was getting too predictable and boring and one was looking for a change in the proceedings.
I guess yesterday's episode (08/02/10) has left a big question mark again about the future of the story line but at the same time it keeps us guessing and in an interesting mode.
Hope the coming week would be with more surprises and interesting twists.
Must say that the acting has been top class by Sharad as usual as the evil Thakur which gives so much more credibility and interest to his character and the serial. Supriya again as his muse and love interest is doing her job with elan. She matches up to Sharad in scenes depicted between them and they share a good solid on screen chemistry. Urmila's character for the first time came out of her shell and she has given a powerful performance when in the face of revelations she depicts her anger and disgust towards her husband.
Overall last week ended well and also this week has started well. Hope this trend continues :-)

theresa said...

Not been able to see the serial last week -8/2/10 to 12/2/10.

But the week prior to that was great. Very well shown. Devouring passion like Thakur's for Amoli had to come out in gut wrenching violence when thwarted. His acting when faced his whole world crumbling was very good.

He is a powerfull man so everthing is dramatic for him and everthing played close to the heart.

And yes I agree the story had to take that turn. A show of hands was nesessary at that point.

Some of my favorite moments in Bairi Piya are:

-Conversation thakur has with his mother outside entrance to their haveli after Radhe has walked on the 'angare'. The way he saractically says 'Maa aap kehti thi' -too good.

- the parathe incident..after yelling at Radhe Thakur's voice softens down when giving his dictat to Amoli about Radhe being his servant. And the way his face lights up when Amoli does bring him the parathes.

-His dialogues with Shobana after Amoli's suicide attempt.

Even in terms of acting Sharad's and Supriya's style are a perfect foil to each other. Her's is understated, his dramatic ..perfect balance.

Of course a large share of the credit also goes to the dialogue writer.

This kind of single minded passion will melt even the gods forget Amoli. Lets see what she does with it. It can't go unanswered.

Sindhu said...

God, The Thakur is in no mood to give up his passion and love for Amoli. If he was very mean he is about to get meaner as was depicted in the last show for this forthcoming week.
The Thakur makes no bones and excuses for what he wants and desires. He has lost all sense of meaning but just his want and desire for this woman whom he so claims to be madly in love and deeply obsessed with. He oh so bluntly states that whatever one desires can be achieved either by respect or by instilling fear which he so did in his wife Urmila by telling her that if he does not get Amoli then he will die because he cannot live without her so shamelessly. Your heart does go out for her but you so feel she had the power and strength to revolt more successfully against this selfish, egoistic and self centered man who only lives for himself. I wish she did not bow to his wishes and ask Amoli to marry her husband which I felt was lame.
Even though as an audience purely for entertainment I do wish Amoli and DV get together but one does feel that he is getting away with it too easily.
But yes I guess we still have to wait and watch to see Amoli's reaction and see if she surrenders to this demand as she has been so adamant till now.
I wish to see something cracking happening this week and to continue..

theresa said...

Week of 15/02-20/02.

Oh what a shame. They hammered the serial to pulp. Everyone went back on what they threatened to do. Urmila stays back home after threatening to leave, radhe and Amoli do not leave home. Amoli professes empathy with the villagers but when he says he will write off all their debt she cannot broker a agreement.

And all that about the thali was so stupid.
Also Amoli needs to be given dialogues where she can underplay, in a high pitched monologue she just ends up yelling. She looks good as coy young girl, powerplay does not suit her well.

The last gun thing was also so stupid. Only Thakor & Urmila seem the characters they were built up to be.

The story is built with two strong irreconcilable threads. Also only Amoli & Thakor encounters are worth watching so I thought they would do some very creative thinking and come up with a way to reconcile the threads continue having them together.

Maybe the dialogue writer and the director are on vacation or maybe they are winding up the serial.

If not then I would like to see a fine, obsessive love story being told. With cutting dialogues.

theresa said...

23/02/10 episode.

With this episode we are back in business.

But showing the Thakur STRIKE Amoli was an absolute NO NO.

It is in poor taste and besides does not fall in character with his feelings towards her.

Also Urmila played her role very well.

That said I really like to watch the uncompromising, fierce passion/obsession he has for her.

People hawk off so many things. This kind is passion is only encountered perhaps in religion.

theresa said...

This serial is a cut above the rest because of the cutting dialogues.

Of course the dialogue delivery is also good but the dialogue writer has done a great job raising the serial to a completely new level.

Sindhu said...

The last episode saw the culmination of love between Amoli/Radhe but also the danger of them being caught and Radhe being burnt alive by the Thakur who is dying with pain, passion and fierce obsession for Amoli and wants her at any cost. I guess what we saw last week was very apt as it was right she revolted against this evil man as giving into his desires will only bring pain to her in the long run.

Also the Thakur keeps reiterating that only by winning her will let him save face in front of his community of Thakur's which is dangerous as these men get away with anything and everything.

The coming week looks interesting and keeps us guessing as one has to wait and watch to see what will the Thakur do with Radhe who had the guts to go against him for his wife Amoli.

Will he die at the cost of the Thakur's dangerous desire and will Amoli end up getting married to the Thakur and seek revenge for her husband's death.

For the sake of this daily soap and viewers like us I would like to see Amoli get married to the Thakur as it is their chemistry that ignites the screen and interest in the viewers.

theresa said...

Episode of 25/02//10 was very good.
Tightly woven and well edited and well scripted.

Last week was good on the whole but I also enjoyed the earlier cat & mouse games between Amoli & Thakur.
They were done at a pace where nuances and situations got a chance to develop.

Sharad's acting is able to maintain the intensity without showing any slack or losing focus. And also without it appearing as if he is hyperventilating. Very very good job.

Amoli's acting is also very good. Very convincing.

theresa said...

I am rubbing my hands in glee.
what fun, what TV masala we will get to watch!

Amoli calling Thakur Digvijay for the first time, Radhe calling her Chotte malkin for the first time.

But we need cutting dialogues and also DV's love for Amoli shown very well and with tenderness. His love,the reason he went to so much trouble.

BTW- Sindhu do keep blogging. Like to hear yoour comments too.

Sindhu said...

Hmmmmm now again there seems to be a twist that is going to happen in today's episode as was suggested in the promos where Radhe is shown trying to halt the wedding of his wife Amoli with the Thakur in the face of death.

As it is the Thakur is jinxed as each time he tries to marry Amoli there seems to be some obstacle or the other which is a clear indication that they are not fated to be together which is also right since he is a very conceited, selfish and egoistic man with no care for any other living mortal but himself.

I do hope though that they end up getting together as am sure the proceedings after that will be more fun to watch. We want to see a face/off between Amoli and her Thakur who are the real reason for this rocking show.

Yesterday's episode was mind blowing where Amoli comes back to the haveli to marry the thakur.
Brilliant performances by Supriya (Amoli) and Sharad (Thakur). They are truly one rocking couple on T.V.

They share a gr8 on screen chemistry. One can cut the sexual tension between them with a knife each time they come together on screen which is what makes this show so wonderful.

So carry on guys hope this gets only bigger and better.

P.S. Theresa if you have a facebook account, kindly join the Bairi Piya forum. The reviews are not so happening right now. Would like your creative ideas and inputs for all the fans of this daily soap to read and enjoy.

TV said...

Today's was a weak episode after a drama filled week. 8/3/10

We needed a breather after all the drama but not so weak. Measure up. We want to see quality.

Only Urmila's acting saved the day.
DV's was overacting for the situation he should have appeared a little vulnurable. And Amoli is shown so absolutely stupid and naive.
She comes to the haveli after all that has happened thinking DV will accept up to his crime.

Very weak.

Must say Supriya's acting through the wedding and Radhe death was first rate. She managed to catch the right nuance. Controlled, resigned but but still inferno from inside.

Sindhu said...

Yes today's episode of BP was very weak after the high voltage and intensity that was seen in the culmination of last week's episode one was expecting something much better today.

Supriya was first rate and gave a power packed performance in the last episode (05/03/2010) of last week.

In today's episode (08/03/2010)it was right to show her get the police to have the Thakur arrested but the way it was depicted was very poor as one was hoping a real punch to her revolt and retaliation to the wretched Thakur.

Also Sharad's character could not justify the love and obsession he so openly flaunts for Amoli otherwise but in the face of danger of going to prison he so easily forgets everything and pulls the same woman down and completely degrades her which creates a big confusion and question mark about his true feelings for her.

I guess the expectation where just too high after a great last week which was one of the best of BP to match up to that same intensity was a hard task I presume.

Hope the coming days are more promising and hope this show lives up to all the expectations of the fans of this daily soap.

TV said...

Imagine DV's family, they are all sleeping after he has killed a house servant. How gross. And the grandmother wonders how he has no morals! She even has all her jewelery on.

Also Sharad should not always act with that heavy duty dramatic act. It will become commonplace and he won't have it when he really needs it for some drama. Also he should not become complacent with all kudos.

I agree, degrading his love in front of others was bad, bad taste. Get it right, Balaji.

mrudu said...

it is a horrible ,pathetic,unrealistic, rediculous, YAAK serial..i pity the story writer..poor fellow..doesn't know what will happen next..Most meaningless serial in colors..we switch off TV and have dinner at that time..Colors TV ke naam pe kalank hi ye serial..

Sindhu said...

This is the only show that has prompted me to watch daily soaps off late. I was totally off watching the saas/bahu sagas which was incidentally started by Ekta and Balaji Telefilms.

This is the only show that stands out compared to all the others because of the superlative performances by Sharad Kelkar (Thakur) and Supriya Kumari (Amoli).

They are the life of this show. However I am not too happy with the current turn of events in this show as the current twist and characters are not needed.

I understand Amoli had to escape from the clutches of the Thakur but there could have been other events necessitating that. All said and done hope that the two unite because it is their acting and chemistry that truly rocks this show.

theresa said...

Yes, I agree absolutely. They should get together now. It has become tiring to watch Thakur keeping on chasing her. And it is not as if she great choices of prince charming waiting for her round the corner.

Also the current crop of characters are so absolutly boring. We miss our old haveli with the Thakur as a caged tiger in it.

Now let us see her convert Thakur into a soft tender caring person. But not too much of it. We like his powerplay also. She finally gives in to this guy and they agree to turn the last phera when suddenly Radhe shows up again. And the whole thing goes for a toss again a la Sangam

Then they again seperate.
And starts another track to get them together.

theresa said...


I was seeing a few old taped episodes of this serial. what a lovely love story they have spun between the two main actors and the dialogue writer.

Just hope they can measure up to the level of expectations from them.

Only tv serial i see.
Looking forward to some fabulous story and actions here.

theresa said...

from the precap today's (26/3)-episode will have a run in of Amoli & Thakur.

The twist in the story is a good one.
While the characters are boring it was necessary to level the playing field for Amoli. Thakur using strong arm tactics to get her was done.
It will be fun to watch the love story unfold amongst equals.

But we also really liked the fire-breathing Thakur.
So don't tame him too much into a pussycat.

theresa said...

Can't believe the pits they have taken the serial to. Watching Amoli now it is unbelievable anyone fell in love and went to so much trouble for her. The serial looks pretty dead in the water.

Oh what a shame! It was really good till it lasted. Didn't think Colors was so afraid of IPL it tanked its niciest program.

preet said...

it is a stupid serial, the richie rich landlord going gaga over amoli is unrealistic, i mean who can watch such a crap everyday and the song that they play all the time "Tum mere ho" is hammering. the thakur appears to be a maniac in the serail. what morals they are trying to preach, that if thakurs become obsessed with some girl of low section, that is true love? nonsense, insane.