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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Aapki Antara - Aapki Antara TV Serial on ZEE TV is based on Social Awareness of Autism

Aapki Antara TV Serial on ZEE TV
Aapki Antara TV serial is based on social awareness of autism. ZEE TV has done active participation for Aapki Antara TV Serial to create a social awareness about autism. Autism is known as mental disease.

ZEE TV has published a report on autism. According to the report there are about 18 lakh families in India with a child who has “Autism” or “Pervasive Development Disorder”. They are very unique child who does some extraordinary work which is out of the society.

Autism is known as the information processing disorder. Still, it is not accepted as disease, it is known as just a disorder of the brain that make child different from a normal child. Cause of autism still has not been traced. It is not the affect of disagreements between parents, working parents, positive environment of home etc. also. A child, who is affected by autism, can act as lack of communication, language question, socialization etc.

Incidence of autism is found approximately 1 out of 150 births. It is 4-5 times more prevalent in male than in females. ZEE TV channel is also very active to give the suggestions about autism so, it has open a door of “Action for Autism & Open Door” to participate people. ZEE TV has activated a helpline also (+91) 9871293923 to provide answer by expert panelists. You can call on the above mentioned number between 1PM to 8PM to ask about autism.

ZEE TV provides list of NGO’s also who supports autism suffered child. Many people have shared testimonials also to ZEE TV about the problem of their child. I can say it is social support of ZEE TV by the TV serial.

Aapki Antara TV serial is based on a child girl whose name is Antara. She is suffered from autism. According to the TV serial, Antara suffered from autism after the death of her own mother in a car accident. She lives now her Aditya who is her so called father. She always does abnormal activities in her life. She creates many problems also for Aditya.

Vidya leaves Aditya, her husband after knowing about Antara. Aditya survives his life in the middle class society with Antara. No one wants to accept her because she is not a normal child girl. Aditya face job difficulties also due to Antara. He tries to leave her in an orphanage also but stop himself.

ZEE TV has tried to show an abnormal activities of Antara who is suffered from autism. The TV serial make people aware how to handle a child if he or she is suffered from autism. Aapki Antara TV serial has tried to show a life story of a child girl who is abnormal and how her father handles her.

ZEE TV has introduced some activities of autistic child in the recent episodes of Aapki Antara TV serial. Antara has not slept for a day. She acts many abnormal works. Her father follows the suggestions of doctors and makes her walk.

I have also faced the problem with my very close person. I was just fed-up initially but soon realizes about the problem. I just consulted doctors and get some suggestions. I realize that if I give her some creative works and handle very softly then she is OK otherwise she becomes violent. I gave her some medicine also. Now, she is out of autism. I really support the TV serial - Aapki Antara. I want to say – a lot of Thanks to ZEE TV for the TV serial. The TV serial really will give some place in our society for autistic child. On the other hand, I will give a negative buzz for Pati Patni Aur Woh TV Show which is not safe for our kids.