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Monday, September 28, 2009

Shraddha - A New TV Serial on Star Plus About Shraddha for Shraddha and by Shraddha

Shraddha TV Serial on Star Plus
Shraddha is a new TV serial on Star Plus which is aired from Monday to Friday at 7PM. Shraddha TV serial is based on Shraddha with Shraddha life. Shraddha is the synonyms of faith and devotion. It is religious word which is used in India. Shraddha is an Indian religious word which shows the devotion towards the God.

Shraddha TV serial is based on a girl whose name is Shraddha. She lives in a small town of Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India. In the TV serial, Shraddha shows her devotion to her parents, devotion towards the God and devotion towards the fulfilling of all wishes of her family.

Shraddha TV serial starts with Ujjain which is known as the holy place of the Hindus. In the main content of the TV serial, there is spiritual approach towards life. The serial is dedicated to spiritual approach and religious concept towards life in old age.

Shraddha TV serial is dedicated to Char Dham. Dwaraka (west), Kedar-Badrinath (north), Puri (east) and Rameshwaram (south) are known as the Char Dham of India. Char Dham is the holy places of India where people wish to visit there in their old age of life.

Shraddha wants to fulfill her parents wish. All the member of families pulls back their hands for the responsibilities. They do not want to spend their money for this visit. This time, a girl whose name is Shraddha takes the responsibilities to fulfill wish of her parents.

Shraddha has never faced the hardship of outer world but now she decides to visit with her parents in all the four corners of the country. She begins her journey with her blind mother and old father. This is the journey of faith and devotion. The journey is dedicated to the God for parents. Parents are also known as the second God.

Will Shraddha be able to fulfill this dream in this TV serial? Will the devotion and faith towards God pay back? This is the new TV serial on Star Plus about Shraddha, for Shraddha and by Shraddha.

First episode of Shraddha starts with dream of Shraddha’s father. His dream was about Char Dham. The first episode told about importance of Char Dham. It also told about the God of Char Dham. We visited through the Shraddha TV serial all the Char Dham.

Shraddha lives in medium house which looks very religious. She lives there with her parents and 3 brothers. Two brothers are married and one is studying MBA. There are two kids also of his elder brother. Both Bhabhi is very self-centered.

In this episode, a groom family comes to Shraddha house for her. The TV serial is fully dedicated to just like first episode of Maat Pitaah ke charnon mein SWARG of COLORS.

There are many TV channels who talk about Shraddha, devotion and faith. They also show the holy places but this serial will talk only about Char Dham and a girl, Shraddha’s life. You will be able to travel all four the most famous holy places and will know about them.

Shraddha TV serial is able to create a faith and devotion in the existence of the God. The serial’s scenes and characters are very appropriate. It is the perfect Indian TV serial. The serial is on the concept of "TV serial is all about…" and "TV serial story", from my point of view.


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