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Monday, September 28, 2009

Pavitra Rishta – ZEE TV Presents Pavitra Rishta TV Serial

Pavitra Rishta TV Serial on ZEE TV
Pavitra Rishta is a TV serial which is aired on ZEE TV channel from Monday to Friday at 9PM. The serial is the most famous on ZEE TV because it is the remake of very popular Tamil serial, Thirumathi Selvam. Now, Producer of Pavitra Rishta, Ekta Kapoor has acquired its copyrights. The serial has been created by Balaji Telefilms.

Archana is the main character of Pavitra Rishta TV serial whose age is about 26 years. She is a low educated girl. Here education is the barrier in her marriage. She handles all the chores of her house and makes her mother comfortable. Ankita Lokhande has played the character of Archana in Pavitra Rishta.

Manav is the leading character of men in Pavitra Rishta. He is about 31 years old. He works as a mechanic in a garage whole day to earn lots of money for his family. He loves Archana. He respects his family much. He is also not much educated guy. He has no own dreams. He is not much poor and not much rich. He has only dreams to support his family financially. Sushant Rajput has played the character of Manav in Pavitra Rishta TV serial.

Sulochana is center character of Pavitra Rishta TV serial whose age is about 60 years. She is Archana's mother. Archana had done great services for her when she was ill. Now, she wants to repay Archana back. She wants to find a perfect life partner for Archana who has good earnings. ZEE TV has introduced Savita Prabhune as Sulochana (Aayi) in Pavitra Rishta.

Manohar is 65 years old father of Archana. He wants a perfect groom for Archana who take care of her. He never thinks that groom should be rich person. Ajay Rohia has been introduced as Manohar (Baba) in Pavitra Rishta TV serial.

Varsha is 24 years old girl. She is younger sister of Archana. She always feels a partiality in her mother’s love. Priya Marathe is in the character of Varsha in Pavitra Rishta on ZEE TV.

Vaishali is the youngest sister of Archana. She always supports Archana and mother just like Varsha. Prarthana has acted as Vaishali in Pavitra Rishta on ZEE TV.

Vinod is Archana's brother who is about 32 years old. He is married. He earns very low in his house. He has a daughter also. Parag Tyagi is in the character of Vinod in Pavitra Rishta TV serial.

Manjusha is about 29 years old married woman. She is sister-in-law of Archana. She has very unoptimistic approach towards mother-in-law and Vinod’s sisters. Swati Anand has been introduced as Manjusha on ZEE TV in Pavitra Rishta.

Pavitra Rishta tells a story of Dombivali city which is near Mumbai. The serial story is related to a girl whose name is Archana. She is very honest and good girl but she has not completed his education. She is just a literate girl.

Pavitra Rishta TV serial begins with a contradiction between Archana and her sister-in-law when she goes in a marriage ceremony of her sister-in-law’s brother. Her Babhi’s brother was fall in love with a friend of Archana but he leaves her for money and announces about his marriage with a rich girl. Archana’s friend told her about her love but she doesn’t know that the guy was related to Archana’s family. Her friend also goes in that marriage and fight for her right. The marriage breaks off.

After this accident, Archana’s sister-in-law was very jealous with Vinod’s sisters. So, she never wants to make settle Archana’s marriage with a good guy. She always creates a problem. Once time, a guy was ready to marry Archana but her sister-in-law interferes there also. No one was ready to marry with Archana due to her lower education. In this process, Manav loves her.

Once upon time, her sister-in-law gives some money to a goon to send her on prostitute hose but Manav saves her.

Pavitra Rishta TV serial reveals Archana and Manav life story. Both take family’s responsibility in their early life due to some problems. Both ignore their education also for their families. They wanted to establish a Pavitra Rishta in their families.

On the proposal of Archana, her mother was ready to marry her with Manav. Her mother was known that Manav is the owner of a garage. After her marriage, she knew that Manav is only a mechanic of that garage. She was very sad and allows her daughter to lives with her. Archana's sister-in-law's brother plans against Archana and proved her a prostitute to Manav mother. On the other hand, they proved Manav to Archana mother as a bad guy who goes to prostitute house.

Sulochana is very sensitive to her daughters. Once day, she sees Varsha with her boss and slaps her. This behavior was unbearable for her. She leaves her mother house. On the other hand, Archana leaves Manav’s house due to his mother.

ZEE TV has shown a holy relationship of Archana and Manav through Pavitra Rishta. Manav and Archana always try to establish Pavitra Rishta in their families. They always sacrifice themselves just like Radhika of Chhoti Bahu.

Pavitra Rishta tells about sacrifice of a holy relationship of Archana and Manav for their families in this TV serial on ZEE TV channel.


aryaan said...

this serials is good fmily drama but v v slow and sometimes its not believable as last episode of monday why manav got vanished while the visarjan of graba - he sudh hv opposed his mother and stayed back

prakash said...

story is very very slow...............manav should appose his mother.....

Anonymous said...

i love u manav leave archana n think abt ME WHT SAY...?!!!!

pankaj said...

hey u leave the manav,usme kya rakha hai mere sath jurr jaona.