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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Maat – Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein SWARG – SWARG New TV Serial on COLORS

SWARG is a new TV serial on COLORS. The TV serial is based on idealism, moral and religious theme. The TV serial leads a poor family who live in Vrindavan. Shubh is main character of the new TV serial.

Maat – Pitaah ke charnon mein SWARG follows the story of Ramayan. However, Shubh is handicapped child since birth. His parents are very honest and spend their life in religious works.

At first, when I watched the TV serial I was not impressed because whole time the people of that village are busy in worshiping of the God. In the story of Swarg TV serial a time comes when her parents become selfish but in spite of a week physic Shubh manage all the things. The story tells how to manage Shubh his family together even in the time of Kalyug.

Still I am not impressed with the TV serial because it seems idealistic. Life’s dynamics are not straight so, here is also a Kali (Gunda). The TV serial is broadcasted on colors channel every Monday to Friday at 7:30PM.

The story of Swarg is based on the concept of love, emotion, and respect among children and parents. This is not fully optimized like other TV serialBalika Vadhu, Bhagya Vidhata and Uttaran. However, COLORS has much expectation with this serial also. They announced that in the time of Kalyug where all the moral and ideal are minor, we are trying to expose that.

Maat – Pitaah ke charnon mein SWARG tells how a family arranges some money to checkup health of a handicapped child. Lastly, the child how return all the things to give love, affections and respect to his family.

I am still waiting for some more episodes to give clear cut opinions about Swarg TV serial. Still the serial is very new and there is nothing to say more about this storyline. Still I can say there is nothing new to show the audience except old moralistic story.


dipika said...

i think d show is awesome..i m completely in love wid shubh's character....he's honest n respected person....i don miss ny episode....i hope he will do complete justice to his role in futur as well..

sagar said...

da arti is realy melodious........

himadri said...

i am very sad when i see reshmaa singh in a very short role she is heroine in gul gulshan gulfaam and many other serials and now she is doing extraa types role in swarg how sad,