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Monday, March 2, 2009

A Turning Point of Balika Badhu TV Serial

A great TV serial Balika Badhu which is broadcasted by COLORS channel Monday to Friday at 8PM in India now has a turning point. It is the situation just like Kyunki Kabhi Sas Bhi Bahu Thi TV serial when Mihir was died. The audience of that serial were emotionally attached with Mihir. After a great protest of audience in India Mihir character of that serial returned in live situation.

That time Kyunki Kabhi Sas Bhi Bahu Thi was a most famous TV serial in Indian middle class family audience especially for women audience but now, only one TV serial Balika Badhu is the most famous on Indian TV channel Colors.

The success of the TV serial has attracted audience and now the audience is in the position of protest to live Pratap. In the TV serial Pratap character has much importance like Anandi.

Pratap is Subhna’s husband. There is a big turning point in the TV serial after the death of Balika Badu. Because of its popularity now, audiences are sending SMS to re-birth Pratap. There is another SMS also that Subhna should go her husband’s home or not.

Most traditional of the TV serial is grandmother who is the mother of Jagdish’s father. She has now no words to explain their pain because all things were in traditional style on the occasion of second marriage. It is the stage of materialistic situation of life. It is a very sad situation for audiences also because they had not thought about the reality of life.

In this situation what will be decision by the director of Balika Badhu has not been decided still. However, the serial fan doesn’t want the sad scene with Subhna who is an ideal girl.

After this situation we can say there is a scope to tell people right things and to direct people in right direction by TV serial and TV shows but in the Indian serial there is nothing but to show tradition and middle class family mentality.

Balika Badhu TV serial is on the basis of Indian tradition. It is the history of India which is being shown in the serial. There was already a great debate on the serial because it is on that tradition which is not in our society, now.


chinmayee bharati said...

The new anandi is not acceptable.she is not looking like anandi.this anandi may cause for the decrease of the TRP of the colours channel.The second one is looking like anandi.either u run the serial with the real anadi or reple with the second one.this is a request

Ipshita said...

This serial had gain popularity for Cute relationship b/w Jagdish & Anandi.But now i dont think dis serial is worth watching bcz it manipulates human minds and no one will hav faith in relationship.So either dis serial should b stopped hereafter or should change its track.